Six Advantages of an Online Writing Class
by Kathryn
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Six Advantages of an Online Writing Class

Online writing classes can provide aspiring authors with deeply engaged teaching, inspiring learning materials, and an uplifting writing community, among other benefits.

If you’re considering online writing courses, keep the following advantages in mind. They might help you realise the structure you’re looking for, the course content that’s right for you, or the learning elements you can’t go without.


Focused mindset

Nothing helps us ground our goals, feel understood in our ambitions, and stay motivated quite like the company of others who share our interests. Online writing courses provide a nurturing space to learn with other writers, push your art further, and harness the insights from different lives and perspectives.


Clear aims

Writing is more often than not a solitary, long-term activity that can leave you feeling unmoored and lacking a tangible goal. Online writing courses can be particularly helpful in setting precise, attainable learning aims.

These aims might include using certain writing tools and techniques, creating a body of work, or simply enjoying rich discussions with your online writing community.


Experienced teachers and authors

Online writing classes give students the opportunity to learn from world-class authors and teachers, even if they’re based in a different country. If you want to master any skill, you need to learn from those who have walked that path before you. As online writing courses are schedule-friendly — removing the need to travel or miss work — they provide an invaluable opportunity to get expert feedback and guidance on your work.

Some writing classes even offer private, one-on-one feedback sessions, allowing you to get the most out of your teacher’s expertise. This can be reassuring for those who are a little nervous about group course dynamics.



Whether they’re embarrassed, afraid of failure, or simply lose track of time, many people struggle to form a regular writing routine. An online writing class provides that timetabled structure so many of us need for our creative projects.

Online writing classes can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, giving you space to live life and write independently between sessions. 


Writing exercises

Some online writing courses will have an emphasis on writing exercises, encouraging you to develop your craft and hone new techniques. If this is something that particularly interests you, keep your eyes open for online writing classes that specify this.


Open discussions

It’s never enjoyable to feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your writing. However, sometimes a comment from a class participant, a suggestion from your writing mentor, or even a line in a course reading is all it takes to reignite that spark. 

The power of relaxed, thoughtful discussions on texts, tools, and techniques shouldn’t be underestimated. Even an anecdote can trigger a cascade of ideas that will later influence your work or approach to writing.


Upcoming writing courses

Kathryn Aalto is currently offering her Memoir and Life Writing course running from June-September.  

Focused on encouraging a uniquely personal exploration of narrative nonfiction and memoir, Kathryn creates a supportive environment for her students — one that fosters creative expression, critical thinking, and artistic growth.

In this creative nonfiction course, Kathryn will teach you how to think and write like a memoirist, transform the personal into the universal, and process memories as you develop your narrative arc. As well as mind-mapping, outlining, and writing your own material, the group will discuss a range of masterful memoirs. You’ll benefit from private, one-on-one feedback on all your writing, a small class size, and defined learning aims.

Discover Kathryn Aalto’s other online writing courses or get in touch with any questions.