All new courses for 2024-25 will be announced Wednesday, July 24. Courses are limited to 16 students. Early registration is encouraged. 

“Kathryn Aalto taught me how to write. I had 30 years’ experience as a journalist and copywriter, but I was a novice in narrative non fiction. Kathryn guided me on a journey of discovery, revealing the secrets of sensory writing, bringing filmic vividness to my descriptions of the world around me, the deep, inner landscapes of the mind and a dreamworld touching the heavens above. I will be forever grateful for her inspirational teaching and the support of the remarkable writing communities she curates, from whom I have received invaluable encouragement and among whom I have made enduring friendships.” — Gary F., Rutlands, England

“I learnt so much from taking Kathryn’s Memoir and Life Writing course. Although I had published a lot of academic work, I was struggling making the transition to writing in a more personal vein and lacking in confidence. I found in Kathryn a superbly knowledgeable and lucid teacher. Through the lectures and class discussion, I learnt how to implement narrative nonfiction techniques and, in just a few weeks, saw my writing become much more engaging and evocative. I also benefited from being part of a supportive and friendly learning community, and building relationships that I expect to last far beyond the duration of the course. Finally, I really appreciated Kathryn’s warmth and positivity, both in the virtual classroom and in her individual feedback. She was an attentive and sympathetic reader of my work, giving clear guidance for improvement while simultaneously building my confidence. The course enabled me to see new possibilities in my writing and I am keen to work with Kathryn again as I continue to develop.” — David H., Leeds, England


All new masterclasses for 2024-25 will be announced Wednesday, July 24. Courses are live, two-hours classes focused on a specific topic and not limited in numbers.