Thoughtful and meaningful landscapes are created in all project sizes. Designs begin with a client meeting and site analysis and proceed through concept drawings, master plans, planting plans and construction drawings. I work with the best landscapers, engineers, craftsmen, and specialist contractors to create gardens of the highest quality.

Kathryn’s garden designs are noted for their historical narrative, comprehensive site analysis, underlying simplicity, and painter’s eye for composition, colour, shadow and light. A strong background in Italian and English garden history informs her work, she designs classic to contemporary gardens. In the public realm, she has special interest in designing natural playgrounds for children and therapeutic gardens for hospices and hospitals. All her gardens are mindfully designed to enhance mental and physical health. They are designed to invite moments of contemplation for enhanced overall well-being and interconnectedness.

Whenever possible, Kathryn encourages her clients to think about ways they can grow their own food: fruit trees, kitchen gardens, herb borders, and more. Connection, movement and sustainability are ideals enveloped into gardening as a practice for clients. At university, Kathryn lived near the influential Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse whose graceful founder, owner, chef, food activist and author Alice Waters, has influenced seasonal eating and the the Edible Schoolyard Project.

“It is deeply satisfying to tend your own garden,” Kathryn says. “And more so for me to teach people how to grow what they love to eat.”

Hospice Theraputic Garden

Seaside Italianate Garden

Ovid’s Garden